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Android USB Flash Drive

When used for android smart phones, OTG Flash drive will be displayed at

My Files > Local Storage > USB flash drive

USB Flash drive

Type of plug:USB on one side, Micro USB(or type c) on the other side

Applicable to the following devices: Smart Phone Computer Laptop TV Car Player Projector etc.

Applicable to the following operating systems: Android Windows Linux Mac

Main purpose: Saving images, Video, Music and electric files etc.

Occasions: Everyday life, entertainment, work, business, education etc.

If OTG Flash drive cannot be identified by your phone, please follow the instructions below:

When used for android smart phones, OTG Flash drive will be displayed at

My Files > Local Storage > USB flash drive

1, Enable the function in your phone settings: OTG ON(or Micro USB Mode, external storage)

The specific method may vary for phones of different brands. If you need help, please contact with the manufacturer of your phone, or search on the Internet.

2, Some manufacturers may disallow the OTG function. In such case, you need to root your phone or consult technical staff at a Maintenance Center to recover it (namely reset the operating system) and write a code to enable the OTG function.

3, You can download an OTG-USB management software from the Internet to help you with the product. There are applications that are helpful.

4, Operating systems of some mobile phone may not identify certain system format. Please format the USB disk on a computer and choose FAT32, then test it on different mobile phones.

5, Check if the product works properly. You can test it with another computer or mobile phone.

6, your phone may not support large size capacity external storage,then please contact us to apply for a new free small capacity usb disk to test

7, Application samples of some model phones.

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